Friday, August 8, 2008

The Crossing's 20th Birthday Celebration by Lehua Coley

On September 11, 1988 The Crossing opened its doors for its very first weekend service with a vision to reach people who don't go to church and from that day until now it has relentlessly pursued that vision. This September The Crossing celebrates twenty years of minitstry!

We are the same church today as we were in 1988, and we'll continue to be the same church for the next twenty years.

We'll be celebrating throughout the month of September. But we'll be celebrating Crossing style. For the past twenty years our main goal is reaching "them"--the people who are not a part of "us." And so our birthday is not about us, but its about those who haven't yet walked through our doors. We'll kick off the celebration by giving away 20 cars to low-income families. We're taking $20,000 and turning it into $200,000 to invest in the local community and our entire church is working together to give Estancia High School a makeover.

We invite you to come and celebrate with us and help us transform the community of Costa Mesa, and all of Orange County for Jesus Christ.