Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lemondade for Bill by Annie

My daughter, Lucy and I hosted a Lemonade Stand this past Saturday to raise money for The Thomas Family. I am happy to announce that we raised $170.00!!!! So many people stopped by and asked lots of questions about our fundraiser. We were excited to share Bill's story and how our church started this ball rolling to help those in need. Many people went back to their car to get more money! One lady just handed us her change jar that she keeps in her car! Our neighbor who couldn't come on Saturday dropped off $20 today! Other neighbors who received our flyers came by and gave extra, too! Lucy was excited to pour lemonade and even said a prayer at the beginning for people to come to our lemonade stand and for Mr. Bill to get better. There were many times that tears welled up in my eyes because of the generosity of strangers. This was a great experience for my daughter, but I know I was able to learn from it, too and I felt so blessed just be able to be a part of what our church is doing!