Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Perfect Match

I personally worked with many volunteers to get this Pontiac ready, so this car give away was very special. This car was a perfect match for the person who would receive it. Focusing on all the tedious steps involved in preparing the car distracted me from the spirit of what we are doing here at The Crossing. But then I saw the excitement and the expression on the face of the one who received the car, and it all made sense. Mr. Cooper has attended this church for over a year now, having discovered us through our Lifelines recovery ministry. When asked what this car would mean to him, he started to get all excited, and talked about how he would pick up as many recovery people as possible and drive them to church in the donated car. I was so happy to hear that his heart was to reach people who need God, because that is what this church is all about, and that is the spirit we are celebrating in The Crossing's 20th anniversary. The reason that Cooper is so motivated to invite people who don't normally go to church is because "this church is so accepting". Clinton could not say thank you enough to all of us who donated resources and time. Sideways Production worked on the engine, the Pontiac dealership, Roberto's, and Carsmetics all donated parts, materials, and paint (all located on Harbor Boulevard). It was awesome to see how the community came together on these cars, all helping to meet the needs of Costa Mesa.

Stephen Fussle
Student Ministries Pastor
The Crossing Church