Friday, December 5, 2008

Starting New Services Times January 17/18....

Starting January 17/18 we are changing our service times. Here are the new times:

  • Saturday 5:30pm in the Tent
  • Sunday 8:30am in the Loft
  • Sunday 9:30am in the Tent
  • Sunday 10:00am in the Loft
  • Sunday 11:00am in the Tent
  • Sunday 11:30am in the Loft

All services in the Tent and Loft are identical. Nursery & children programming is available at all services. Students will meet at the following revised times:

Jr High School:

  • Saturday 5:30pm in the Garage
  • Sunday 10:00am in the Garage
  • Sunday 11:30am in the Garage

High School:

  • Sunday 10:00am in the Warehouse
  • Sunday 11:30am in the Warehouse