Thursday, April 30, 2009

Any good news these days by Tim Celek

Is there any good news these days?

Swine Flu…Schools in the US close their doors,
Swine Flu…Mexico government shuts down,
Swine Flu…World Health Organization calls it a pandemic,
The Economy…Chrysler files for bankruptcy,
The Economy…Joblessness rises,
The Economy…Profits dip,
The Economy…Consumer spending down

Ever feel like someone is trying to get our attention?

We live in uncertain times, yet God is not uncertain. This is the time for us to learn what God has in store for us. We learn better when things aren’t going well. This is our time to learn. Make sure you come to The Crossing THIS WEEKEND. We are going to LEARN an important value of Jesus Christ. Do not miss it!!!

Now…here is some good news:

The Crossing Church, meaning you and me, executing an Extreme Makeover of Costa Mesa High School, Saturday, May 9th from 9 am– 12:30 pm. Sign up for one of 80 projects using this link:

This is certain…God wants us to make a difference in this world. Success often means sometimes just “showing up…”

Show up Saturday, May 9th at Costa Mesa High School! Show up this weekend!

Together, we can make good news!