Thursday, May 21, 2009

Loving the Unofficial Beginning of Summer by Tim Celek

Memorial Day weekend has ALWAYS marked the “unofficial” beginning of summer. The weather seems to get a bit warmer. The days seem to get a bit longer. And the 55 Freeway seems to back up more and more at its ending point in Costa Mesa during this time of the year :-). I always seem to relish the days between now and Labor Day in September.

Here’s your chance to kick off the unofficial beginning of summer just right...make sure you come to The Crossing this weekend. Miracles is the message! Everyone WANTS a miracle. Everyone generally NEEDS a miracle or two.

What happens when the miracle you're hoping for, praying for, wishing for, and wanting so badly to happen, doesn’t? What happens when the promise isn’t fulfilled? What happens when the dream gets dashed? We've ALL been there, right? I sure have! And so have YOU!!!

Join me this weekend, the unofficial beginning of summer, as together we look at one of the most riveting stories in the Bible. I'm pretty amped up and pumped to talk about this one! I guarantee you, you WILL be glad you came. And then after church...go out to dinner or go to the beach, possibly fire up the BBQ or take a drive...but DO NOT miss this weekend!!!