Saturday, June 27, 2009

There is SO much to take

We've had TONS of fun thinking and planning and talking and talking some more about what to pack. You don't get all that much. Basically, it's one and only ONE bag for each of us. Complicating matters even more is...this one bag must include rain gear. I voted for "hefty" garbage bags, but those aren't so fashionable, particularly on a Harley :-)

Remember, check back EVERY day, I'll be updating this blog daily. There's tons of value added, you'll get to meet the INCREDIBLE staff of The Crossing, as well as people who volunteer, the real heroes of The Crossing and to top it all off...I'm putting up stories of amazing life change. People who have been radically impacted by Jesus!!!

Sue and I look forward to our journey. We're looking forward to sharing it with you, the people of The Crossing. YOU are the best! The Crossing rocks!!! See you tomorrow at Corona del Mar State Beach, we're baptizing over 100 people!