Thursday, July 2, 2009

Avoiding a SHOCKING experience

This post will be shorter, been told the other posts are bit too long winded. Yet, this will still be longer than either a txt or a tweet :-)

What a day! ABSOLUTE BEST yet...spectacular displays of lighting bolts, PHENOMENAL riding on 89A from Prescott to Flagstaff, AZ and gracious hosts, thanks again, Pete and Jan.

We diverted a bit...over lunch an incredible thunderstorm was bearing down on us, so we headed over to Willams and went up to Grand Canyon from there. The ride to the Grand Canyon isn't anything to get too excited about...except for the anticipation that was building in my gut to see something that up until today seemed surreal. And then as soon as we were at the park entrance, a good sized thunderstorm dumped on us, so we bailed and checked into our hotel.

We went to the IMAX Grand Canyon experience, if you're ever in this area, I'd recommend it. However after seeing that well produced movie adventure, I HAD to make my way to the rim. So we hopped onto our Harley and away we went. WOW, AWESOME, SUPER, AMAZING...words don't do it justice. We can't wait to get back there tomorrow and soak as much of it in as humanly possible.

Until then...this is from the Park Newspaper...on how to avoid a lighting strike, "Lighting strikes are common on the South Rim during summer thunderstorms. Hair standing on end is a warning that an electrical charge is building near you and a warning that lighting may strike. If this occurs (hair standing on end), move away from the rim immediately!" I guess I'm out of luck, no "natural" warning system on this body any longer, oh well.

For those of you who have hair to stand on end...count your blessings, okay!!!

Twisting, turning and possibly frying :-)...from the road,


P.S. We're stoked you're enjoying the Volunteer hero and Life change stories. Today, meet Shane Costa who serves in our Student Ministry and read all how God has made a difference in Amy Snyder. Lorrie Osuna is the BOMB in our children's ministry.