Wednesday, July 29, 2009

He only GETS BETTER...!!!

I made contact with the person who is hosting us in Jackson, WY and I made the comment, "Wow, the Black Hills of SD and the ride to Cody were astoundingly amazing." He commented back to m, "You're only seeing a preamble to what will get even BETTER..."

Given my soon as he said that, I wanted to get on our Harley and ride out, RIGHT THEN! However, I'll have to cool my jets, cause today is what I'll call a "Sue" day, we're going to see the Buffalo Bill Center and Museum. I guess it's 5 museums under one roof.

And just so I don't get any comments on this being a "Sue" day, an acquaintance of mine who rides told me before we left to take every 7th day or so off from riding, so for the most part that's what we planned to do on this day before we left, but it's still a "Sue" day, cause I want to ride :-).

Particularly after yesterday's ride, I didn't want to get off the bike. There's been a perpetual smile on my face over the past three days, ride to and around the Black Hills, then the ride to Cody...across hills, through a canyon, windy up and down roads, spectacular waterfalls, rushing rivers. Phenomenal, Spectacular, Amazing, Beautiful, Wonderful, Super, Awesome...I'm buying a dictionary today, I'm running out of adjectives.

Also, I'd appreciate your prayers, I had planned to take a good bit of time today to prepare for stuff coming up in the fall in and around The Crossing. I've had TONS of time to think while riding and little to no time to download it from my brain. Today is download day!

Thanks for reading,


P.S. Read all about Liliana Sanchez and the many areas she works in on staff at The Crossing!! She has the amazing ability to stay on top of everything all at once. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate Serving Hero, Gary Resnick. Gary shows up each weekend willing to serve wherever needed. Thank you Gary for your servant's heart. Jesus is now in Debra DiMicelli's driver's seat. Read about her incredible life change story.