Friday, July 3, 2009

Stupid me!

I'm sure, you'll get sick of hearing this, "What a day!!!" We were in Grand Canyon by sun-up and spent 6 hours walking, looking, staring...most of the time, AWESTRUCK at the beauty, grandeur, majesty, splendor and HUGENESS of it all. WOW!!! Didn't want to leave. I had to apologize to Sue for the 7 times I've gone past it, all because I'm a destination person. Stupid me!

The next 270 or so miles were done from noon Southwest Colorado. Believe me, I'm very thankful for the backrest and the highway pegs. Arizona is BIG and VAST and parts desolate, but stunningly beautiful complete with plateaus and plains, from Cameron to Tuba City to Kayenta, AZ to Four Corners to Cortez, Co, we majorly enjoyed our ride...well all except for two parts...

First...the lamb/sheep ON the road! I've read about deer, elk, antelope, even cows and sometimes dogs, but NOT sheep. Little Lambs might be cute at the county fairs, but not in the middle of the road going 75. YIKES. I'll spare you with what came out of my mouth, no words, just OMG! And think LOUD!

Second...the tar, sand, rain, goop mixture during a controlled construction zone vehicle movement, the sign said, "Motorcycles use EXTREME caution." Try moving 1,000 lbs of Harley slowly while slipping from side to side and with cars in front and cars in back. The only thought was, "Don't go DOWN, you'll look stupid and get your bike dirty!!!"

It was a phenomenal day, one I'd do again in a heartbeat. If you ever get a chance to go to the Grand Canyon, GO and enjoy the journey!

From the road,


P.S. Take time to read about how God has gripped Jim Schwarz's life. Plus, George Freudner, we thank you for your involvment in our Global Go outreach to El Salvador. Be praying in advance, one of teams goes to El Salvador in August. Finally, you've just got to meet Brian Anderson. The dude rocks the house, I'm stoked I get to work with him.