Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dangerous Ought to be Normal

I saw these words today, “For the church, dangerous ought to be normal.” For some, a comment like that causes a bit of mental struggle. The move in our world is toward all encompassing safety.

Yet the Bible says, “Without faith it’s impossible to please God...”

Faith is anything but safe! I wonder could that be why there are 365 times (one for every day of the year) God says, “Fear not!” We ought to be out on the edge for God.

I say it often but this weekend, DO NOT MISS! It promises to be a DANGEROUS weekend!

This is our time. Everyone of us who loves The Crossing will be taking a dangerous step of God- sized faith. This weekend is Commitment Weekend. Plus, at every service hour we will be celebrating our Groundbreaking for the completion of our campus. DO NOT MISS IT!

Also, as promised, check out this video. God is in the business of changing lives. We have this BIG GOD who has power that is AMAZING! This past weekend there were tears, there were shouts, there was a standing ovation for our mind blowing God!

Next weekend starts a new series, The F-Word. It is one of those series that you will MOST definitely want to invite your friends, neighbors or family members to come with you to The Crossing.

Finally, we believe life change happens best in community. This coming week we launch our fall small groups. You can get more information by clicking this link. We have groups that meet in people’s homes and we have groups that meet at the church beginning October 12 & 13. There is a place for you.

Again, DO NOT MISS this weekend! It may not be safe, but it will be supernatural!

Tim Celek
Lead Pastor
The Crossing