Thursday, December 10, 2009

Avoiding a Horrific Car Crash!

Undoubtedly some of you have never heard of Simon and Garfunkel...which is okay...I’m still trying to figure out Lady Gaga. One of their songs goes like this, “Slow down, you move to fast. You got to make the morning last. Just kicking down the cobble stones. Looking for fun and feeling groovy...” (Bet you haven’t seen that word in a while)!

I imagine many of us would feel pretty “groovy” if we would simply slow down. However, slowing down isn’t all that simple, is it? This past weekend, we kicked off a new series at The Crossing titled “This Christmas...”. The challenge was clear: This Christmas...Slow Down!

Slowing down takes thought and effort...our natural reflex is to speed up! We’ve been conditioned over the past years to hurry. Yet many took seriously the “personal training exercises” for practicing the discipline of “slowing.”

One person applied this past weekend’s message and on day one, they drove in the slow lane. Remember, this past Monday, it was raining. As a result of driving in the slow lane, they avoided a very serious car accident.

Here’s a sampling of some “slow down” exercises; give them a try:
  • Day One: Drive in the slow lane, exclusively
  • Day Two: Drive the speed limit on every road, street, and freeway
  • Day Three: Eat food slowly by chewing each bite 15 times before the next bite begins
  • Day Four: No multi-tasking, only do one thing at a time
  • Day Five: Silence, no outside audio stimulus of radios, ipods, tv, etc.
  • Day Six: Let two people go in front of you in line at a coffee shop or store
  • Day Seven: No pushing the “close door” button on an elevator

Look forward to seeing you this weekend for message number two in our series," This Christmas...",

Tim Celek

Lead Pastor

The Crossing

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