Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year and NO Diet Soda

Did you make any resolutions? Decisions to change something? Renewed commitment toward some goal?

I shared with you all that I was “thinking” of giving up Diet Soda in a post during the month of December, well I’ve started the process. I am only a couple of days into it and so far so good. Forgoing Diet Soda is only ONE of a few goals I have for myself as I transition into a New Year and a NEW decade.

Goals are important for a number of reasons. First, without specific goals, often we end up at the end of a day or a month or a year without accomplishing much of anything significant. Second, without clear goals, those around us won’t have any idea what direction we’re heading in life or ministry. Third, goals allow us to focus on a few things.

Often times, I think a lot of people abandon their desired changes or resolutions simply because they attempt to do too many things rather than concentrate on a few things. No one can accomplish everything! But you and I can accomplish one or two amazing alterations in 2010, so give it go.

Fourth, bold people communicate their goals and see radical positive change. Fearful people keep their hopeful objectives to themselves and see minimal transformation. Let someone know what you want to see changed or altered in this next year. Invite the accountability. Extraordinary changes and accomplishments are possible.

In upcoming posts, I’ll let you know some of the goals we have for our church in 2010. Until then, keep on keeping on, don’t give up, invite God’s Spirit into the process and true change is just around the corner!

Expecting great things,

Tim Celek
Lead Pastor
The Crossing