Friday, February 19, 2010

5 Day Meal Challenge

I want to thank you for signing up to be a part of “The 5 Day Meal Challenge”! I am so excited about how The Crossing (you & our church) is striving to allow HOPE to Live through us.

Did you know that during this past week God used 1,380 volunteers to SERVE by packing 306,720 meals with Feed My Starving Children! These 306,720 meals are enough food to feed 840 children for a full year! AMAZING! These meals that we packed are sent by Feeding My Starving Children ( to various parts of the world to children who are in a malnourished condition. So a big THANKS goes out to everyone who packed meals.

Now here is where YOU come in...this next week beginning Monday, February 22nd thru Friday, February 26th, we have the opportunity as a church to STAND with a majority of the people in the world (80%) who deal daily with challenging food and water issues and don’t enjoy the abundance of access to food and water that we have in our country. This link will take you to our website where a PDF is available that will help you during your 5-day Meal Challenge. You can use this information to put together meal plans, portion sizes and what to purchase in the grocery store this next week. you as together, we STAND with our friends across the world.

5 Day Meal Challenge Information: Click Here

This is VERY IMPORTANT, please remember to set aside the money you “save” from not eating or drinking what you normally would during this 5-day period and BRING this money with you this coming weekend, February 27/28 to The Crossing. These monies will be used to pay for the 306,720 meals we packed for Feeding My Starving Children. Also, if you have a teenager or child, they have been collecting quarters in their M & M tubes all month. Their money, plus all the monies from the adults of The Crossing, will go toward the 306,720 meals packed. Thank you, this experience is HUGE for us all, not only will we learn first hand how the Majority of the world eats but we get to give back.

My prayer, as we continue participating in the HOPE Lives series, is that God continues to impact our hearts, minds and actions so that HOPE does indeed flow through our church in more impactful and expansive ways! Thanks for being a part!

Tim Celek
Lead Pastor
The Crossing