Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Going to the set of Slumdog Millionaire

As I float 37,000 ft above the earth some where over Turkey, my mind races wondering what does God have in store for me in India. These are the longest flights I’ve ever been on...21 hours of plane time, 5 hours of layover time...literally going halfway around the world. Before I left, everyone said, “It’s not that bad, they have those seat-back movie on demand deals, you can watch movie after movie after movie. The time will fly (no pun intended), right?”

Well, they don’t have the seat-back deals, just two old school 747s, where you have a stuck in ceiling, smallish screen monitor apparatus. So I haven’t been watching any movies. Tried to listen to a book on my iPod, did okay for a while, until unknowingly I fell asleep. Now I don’t know how many chapters of exciting content I missed or where I left off. I guess “audio” books are best left for long car rides, not marathon plane trips.

Oddly though, given the constraints, I’m enjoying the journey. I like to travel, whether by sailboat, Harley, or a jumbo jet. Yet my emotions seem in suspended animation. I’m going to a country that everyone says is “the poorest country in the world". So what will I see? What will I hear? What will I smell? What will I be afraid to touch? I’d be less than honest if I didn’t tell you I have a bit of apprehension for what might be on the other side of each of those questions.

I’m thinking I may not like what I see and may want to look away. Or maybe the aromas will be abhorrent in the slums we visit. As the plane moves, I’ve been thinking, I’m going to land of Mother Theresa, but I’m no Mother Theresa. And even though Slumdog Millionaire was an excellent movie...this ain’t no movie set, this is going to be the REAL DEAL.

So as my mind races and whirls, I know in the anal-retentive controlling universe I live, I can’t control any of what’s in store, but I don’t have to! God’s in control of the next 8 days. Like the old song, “He’s got the whole world in His hands...” and that includes me.

Please check back often...each day I’ll do my best to post content, either pictures or videos allowing you to experience India with me and Ian as we travel. Finally, please pray for us, Ian Stevenson and me, we count on your prayers.

Enthusiastically anxious,

Tim Celek
Lead Pastor
The Crossing