Saturday, March 6, 2010

One of My Top Twenty Best Days

Well, I had one of my top twenty best days today and it started with a Compassion International Child Development Center welcoming us with a group of 256 kids , complete with our names on a sign that said welcome in English! Next there were home visits in communities that have never seen a white person...where you could definitely picture Jesus walking into the scene of tribal peoples.

It was surreal at times what I got to experience this Saturday, the 6th of March in Katihar, India. From a morning driving getting on a scooter that belonged to a totally secular young boy, to having THE most delightful and meaningful time in the home of Pastor Samuel.

I wish you could have seen the eyes I looked into, prayed for the people I prayed for and listened and watched children present with HUGE HEARTS open to me, a total stranger.

The people I was surrounded by today, by our standards are poor in things, but RICH in made me ponder...we in the OC, who most often are rich in things, but poor in Spirit.

I decided today, it's way better to be rich in Spirit!

Thanks for praying,

Tim Celek
Lead Pastor
The Crossing