Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Why go to India?

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Well, as you read this...Lord willing, Ian and I will be on our flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Delhi, India. Why are we even on this trip?

Well, this summer Compassion International (you can find more about them here)announced that they were launching a pilot Church 2 Church (C2C) partnership program, their first ever. So they asked churches who would be interested to sign up. Over a 1,000 churches indicated interest and they selected 37 churches. The Crossing was one of those selected.

We were assigned the region of India, not knowing who our church partner would be. We learned of our C2C partner church in January of this year. Their name is Bethel Church Association. They are located in Katihar, India in the state of Bihar. Remember, India is the poorest country of the world. This church, though in India, is quite similar to our church. They have a BIG heart for those who are outside the walls of the church and those who are the “least” and the “last.” I am excited to meet their Senior Pastor. I am very intrigued to hear from them how they do what it is they do in a society that is quite different from ours. Often times, in their world, people are often HIGHLY militant toward Christians. Remember, Hindu and Muslim are the predominant religions in this region.

I ask you pray for us, not only while we’re in Delhi (from Wednesday – Friday morning,) also pray as we travel to Bagdogra Airport in Siliguri, India which is in North Bengal. You can find it on a map, it’s right between Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan. This region is quite antagonistic toward followers of Jesus.

All in all, God has a plan for Ian and myself, but He has a bigger plan for those of us at The Crossing as we seek to learn from our brothers and sisters in India.