Friday, April 9, 2010

Living Water

When my internet connection is improved I'm hoping to post a number of videos of my excursion yesterday. It was quite fascinating. I was in Can Tho which is approximately a 5 hour drive south of Saigon. Can Tho is the 4 largest city in Vietnam. It sits on the Mekong Delta, which is a series of interconnected rivers, streams and canals that reach FAR out into the countryside. There are rice paddies everywhere the eye can see.

After driving about 1 hour west of the city, we got into a narrow river boat. By narrow I mean wide enough to sit down, well wide enough for one LARGE American like me. The river is fairly narrow, enough for two boats to pass. Each side of the channel is dotted periodically with homes, some right on the river.

It doesn't take to long to realize the river is their source of life. It's where they bathe, clean clothes, catch fish to eat, raise ducks to sell or eat. It moves goods to the market. Water from the river is crudely pumped to irrigate the rice fields. (Please check back to see pictures and video in the next days)

After about 30 minute ride on what had to be the original jungle cruise, we stopped at another source of life, a local church. Just a couple of years ago, this church didn't exist. Through the linkage of Giving It Back To Kids and Pastor named, Vu and $200 for a well for water for the community, this church has quite literally skyrocketed. 80 people now call this church home.

By US standards we'd call that small, however, when you stop and think that there is only 60 families in the immediate community...this means the power of the Good News of "Living Water" has spread more than an HOUR away. People ARE so thirsty for something bigger, greater and lasting...something only Jesus can provide, they now drive more than hour by boat to get there.

As I pulled away in our tiny, narrow river boat, I was EXTREMELY thankful for, Pastor Vu, GIBTKs, The Crossing Church and the people of the Promise Land Church of the Mekong Delta. You see, God has used us ALL...across borders, cultures, languages to bring something life changing, both on earth (water), as well for all eternity (Jesus Christ). Gang, that's something that ONLY God can do, YEA GOD!

Here is a video that shows the church:

Thanks so much for reading,

Tim Celek
Lead Pastor
The Crossing