Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Extra Sleep & Politicians

Sometimes the cynicism level rises in me. Is that ever true of you? The elections were held yesterday. No matter your party affiliation, the thing you can always count on in any election are negative ads and constant chatter about change. Politicians are good at talking smack about change. However it’s just that, talk. It’s probably just my jaded viewpoint, but there doesn’t seem to be much action.

As Christ followers, many times we’re no different. We talk a good game, particularly when we’re caucusing with other Christians. Unfortunately our actions as believers are dubious at best or damaging at their worst. We don’t have the best track record. For the past couple of days I’ve been playing this game. I’ve begun each day imagining there’s a film crew recording my every move, each non-verbal, as well as everything uttered from my mouth. I’ve been picturing my day getting reviewed like the post game analysis on ESPN or Fox Sports.

Believe me, the commentary is quite humbling, particularly when it’s assessed in light of the grid of the Fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, self control... Regrettably there are vast portions of my day where I’m not exhibiting these traits or character qualities. How about you?

The series we’re tackling at the moment, Two Faced: Saying You’re a Believer, but Acting Like You’re Not, gets at the very heart of this issue. If you’d like to improve your game, then make it a point to be at The Crossing this weekend. Plus, DON’T FORGET, this weekend is Time Change Weekend, clocks FALL BACK!!! Set your clocks back on Saturday night before your head hits the pillow. The good news is for all you Sunday attenders, you get an extra hour of sleep! YEA!!

Seeking to live a God honoring life,

Tim Celek
Lead Pastor
The Crossing