Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good Friday & Easter Weekend at The Crossing

Jesus told them, "As you go into the city, you will see a certain man. Tell him, 'The Teacher says: My time has come…'"(Matthew 26:18). Growing up, I always wanted to have powers that would enable me to predict the future, albeit for the wrong motives. As I've grown, I've become convinced it's a good thing God didn't give me that supernatural gifting. Knowing what's going to happen, would've led to massive disappointment or debilitating fear or worry, possibly even premature celebrations.

Get this…imagine knowing you're earthbound to die a horrible death, yet having the forethought to know you'd be rising again! What a life! What responsibility! What love!

This entire weekend at The Crossing is ALL about the person who knew it all and did it all, Jesus!!! I'm really hoping you'll be attending Good Friday, THIS Friday, on the campus of The Crossing at either 12 or 7 p.m. (Childcare is provided). Get there early! We will be doing just what Jesus asked us to do, "remembering His death…"

Saturday at 5:30 p.m. and Sunday at 8:30, 10:00 & 11:30 a.m. is all about Jesus risen! There is a spectacular Children's program planned for children nursery through 5th grade.

The services on Good Friday are different than those on Saturday and Sunday. DO NOT come by yourself! Bring a friend, neighbor, co-worker, family member. It's going to be a great weekend at The Crossing (BTW, that statement has nothing to do with me knowing the future, only knowing I have a BIG GOD!)

See you soon,

Tim Celek
Lead Pastor
The Crossing