Thursday, January 12, 2012

They get all the breaks!

Ever felt like like everyone else has it together?  Or has a bit more?  Or doesn't ever seem to encounter the hardships you endure?  Throughout my youth, I'd find myself frequently wishing I was someone else.

Don't get me wrong, I love my folks and have come to be incredibly appreciative of all that was showered upon me, however, it doesn't negate the fact there were times I was prone to escapist dreaming.  Wishing I could live there, eat there, shop there, drive that, buy that, have that...

Now as I watch folks age, myself included, I realize the playing field over time is leveled.  It's like God is saying to me, "Hang in there!  Tim, there's something WAY more important than what you see, here and now, it's what's coming after..."

As I read James 1:9-12...I sense that God is trying to communicate to folks on both ends of the "blessing" spectrum.  God's reminding those who are looking at life up from the pit, not to forget He's there.  But if you're tempted to think as you're viewing your world from some high peak, that somehow you got there because of you, well, watch out, cause you just might be on your way down.

As I ended my time today in God's Word, this was my prayer, "God, I genuinely sense all the indicators in my life and my world are upward and to the right.  I thank you for my marriage.  I thank you for my kids.  I thank you for the people I get to work around.  I thank you for the church I pastor.  I thank for the incredible place I live.  Life is good, thank you...but God I want you to know if its all taken away tomorrow...I'm still yours and I commit myself to staying true to YOU!"

This is my prayer for you as well.  In the good times, rejoice...cause God's there!  In the bad times, rejoice, cause God's there, too!

Have a super day!

Tim Celek
Lead Pastor
The Crossing