Sunday, September 14, 2008

Causes in our Community

Here are some ideas for how to determine your "Cash for Causes" cause:
Questions to ask yourself: “What am I passionate about?” “What burdens me?” “What excites me?” “What is important to me?”What you can pray: “God, help me see people the way you see them.” “God, give me Your vision for how I should invest this money in my community.” “God, please orchestrate people and circumstances to multiply this money.”
What you can read: The Parable of the Talents – Matthew 25:11-30, The Kingdom Assignment, by Denny & Leesa Bellesi, Log on to

As you think creatively about how God is calling you to invest and multiply the money you have received for Cash for Causes, the following Food Banks, Soup Kitchens and Shelters may serve as resources for you. For example, perhaps you’d like to multiply your money in order to support one of these local organizations, as they are always looking for people to partner with them. If you choose to contact them, be sure to explain Cash for Causes, and that you are from a local church in Costa Mesa, called, The Crossing.

S.O.S. (Share Our Selves) (949) 642-3451
Red Wagon Homeless Ministry (714) 979-4422
The Lighthouse Costa Mesa (949) 548-7161
Christian Volunteers (714) 556-3605
O.C. Rescue Mission (714) 247-4300
Community Action Partnership of O.C. (714) 897-6670
Second Harvest Food Bank of O.C. (714) 771-1343
Mana From Heaven (714) 993-3370
Salvation Army (714) 384-0481
Someone Cares Soup Kitchen (949) 548-8861
SPIN (Serving People In Need) (714) 751-1101
South Coast Children's Society
Salvation Army Hospitality House (714) 542-9576
House of Hope (714) 247-4341
Mercy House Transitional Living (714) 836-7188
The Sheepfold (714) 237-1444
House of Hope & OC Rescue Mission (714) 247-4300
Birth Choice
Toby's House
Alex's Lemonade Stand (866) 333-1213

For more information, please email