Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Discovering God's Generosity

You could sense the anticipation on Ernie's face as he sat nervously in the room telling his story about how God had changed his life. After years of running from God, Ernie realized his desperate need for a change.

Someone told him about Lifelines on Friday nights here at The Crossing, and when he first checked us out, it was so different than any church he had ever visited. The people were real and authentic, not ashamed to acknowledge their struggles, and to top it off there was rock music.

Now things are looking up for Ernie, and it is incredible to see how God has worked through this church! After 8 months of sobriety, a solid job, and a community/family/church that loves him, God is not done yet. The anticipation grew as we led Ernie blindfolded outside to discover a beautiful red Jeep. The first look on his face says it all, sheer shock!

Ernie wanted to thank everyone who was involved for using their gifts to serve others. He said that he appreciated the obedience it took for people to give their valuable time and resources when they could have been doing something else. Now Ernie is excited to finish school. One of the things that struck me was that Ernie said that there are times that he wants to be a man and fend for himself, but sometimes God says no! Not no to being a man, but yes to being a man who trusts and humbly relies on God's provision.

Stephen Fussle
Student Ministries Pastor
The Crossing