Saturday, September 13, 2008

Unsuspecting Family Gets Free Car

A family not attending The Crossing received a beautiful Honda last Thursday night, exclaiming: "We can't believed we were picked to receive this car!"

When asked what a car would mean for the family to have a car, Rebecka, the mother stated: "Life has been hard without a car, especially riding my bike everywhere, but now I can drop the kids off at school and get to work."

You could tell they were looking for the catch and strings attached but that never came. She just wanted everyone who was involved in this act of kindness to know that she was very thankful, especially for being picked for this car. You could see her shy boys Derick and James faces light up as they sat in the beautiful white Civic and it sunk in that it was their family car. God is faithful even when we don't expect it, and he knows our needs, even before we realize that we have a need. Check out the video on YouTube:

Stephen Fussle
Student Ministries Pastor
The Crossing Church