Saturday, October 11, 2008

Reward for the Faithful

It is always awesome to see someone who constantly gives themselves away in service to others receive God's reward. Jenna works at Micah C.D.C. which is a non-profit organization which provides learning centers for the underprivileged. Jenna is a coordinator for one of the learning centers. Unfortunately, because of her lack of transportation, it has been difficult to transport supplies, leaving her to walk or take the bus. But God had other plans for Jenna, plans to bless her for all the work she is doing for our community, and it brings me joy to see God's faithfulness to Jenna. She wanted to let everyone know how thankful she is to everyone who contributed. Jenna said she had been praying for a car for a long time and this just proves that God is faithful to answer our prayers.

Stephen Fussle
Student Ministries Pastor
The Crossing Church