Thursday, October 9, 2008

Estancia - Community Partners

Estancia High School: Community Partners by Phil D'Agostino

On Sunday, September 21, Estancia High School partnered with The Crossing Church in Costa Mesa for a day of community service and celebration, as over 1,000 volunteers descended on the campus to beautify, enhance and spruce up the school's facilities and surrounding areas. While Measures A and F, passed by voters for major school improvements, significantly upgraded school facilities, The Crossing's volunteer efforts were part of a larger developing relationship between Estancia and community organizations that have the manpower and resources to help the school in unique ways.

In addition to the volunteer day, The Crossing has provided tutors to help struggling students with their school work, and many other projects are in the works that enhance the quality of our service to Estancia students.

Another organization that has been working closely with Estancia for the betterment of its students is the Kiwanis Club of Costa Mesa. For nearly 60 years, they have supported the schools of Costa Mesa and they have been a part of the Estancia High School family since it opened in the 1960's. In the past years, their focus has been on leadership development through co-curricular and extracurricular activities and the encouragement of academic excellence through programs such as Eagle Pride and scholarships. They work closely, every week, with the students of the Key Club and support Estancia's Australia Exchange Program. Each month, they also honor student athletes for exemplary leadership on the field and in school while maintaining high standards of scholarship.

Estancia High School will continue to develop relationships with community organizations like The Crossing and the Kiwanis of Costa Mesa because they all want the same thing: the best education of our youth.