Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hotter than...

Hot, hot, hot...yes, I'm talking about Sue, but it's not what you think. I thought she was going to defect to the multi-million dollar 60ft RV we passed in Palm Desert. The blasted thing probably had a private chef, washer & dryer, 4 king size beds with 32 pop outs or something, but none of those were the draw. It had AC and LOTS of it!!!

But hey, I'm a smart guy, I told her I had a solution to the heat...we'll just get up early before the sunrises, after all Sue loves sunrises. They're so romantic. So I was killing the proverbial two birds with one stone...I was being a Don Juan of a husband, sunrising romance just oozing from my pores and it'd be cooler. Awesome huh, we'll stay married and we won't be trading in the Harley for RV with the AC.

My plan worked until, Blythe, CA. Yep, the sunrise was SPECTACULAR (check out the twitpic post). But by Blythe, it was already like 145 degrees or something, at 8 a.m. so I promised her we'd stop for lovely "break"fast at Chef Micky D's...where I proceed to drop the key in the parking lot or at least I thought I did so we did a U-turn two exits later went back and it was in the back topcase the entire time. Senility is setting in at 50!

Hey we're having a blast, Wickenburg, AZ is a pretty cool place. Did you know they have Arizona's largest feed and tack store? I had to check it out; saddles (check out the twitpic post), ropes, cowboy hats & boots, life size portraits of Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks and Carrie Underwood (I just made that last part up), but I was in heaven. The place is called Double D.

The best part of the day was riding up to Prescott, AZ on Route 89. So flippin awesome!!! Twisty roads, pine trees EVERYWHERE, big rocks, boulders, and the temp dropped about 20 degrees.

We met our hosts, Pete and Jan Wendorf. They've been INCREDIBLE...made us dinner, let me wash our Harley...Thank you, Laidlaws, for making the connection for us. We sure appreciate it.

God has been so GOOD to us. We love our church and we love the opportunity to share our journey with you. Thanks for reading.

A bit cooler...from the road,


P.S. Don't forget to check out Susan Moore's life change story. God has a done a PHENOMENAL work in her in many ways. She rocked the house in the Women's Retreat this year. Oh yah, then there's Shaun McCarthy who serves in Kidzone. This guy is so faithful. He's rock solid. He loves kids, his own and the kids of The Crossing. Thank you Shaun for ALL you do!!! Last, but not least is Terrilee Stevenson, she supports me, which is a handful, by the way...and does it all VERY well...make sure you take time to read all about them!!!