Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Picture is Worth a THOUSANDS words!

Yesterday was SO much fun. Check out the twitpics...what's so awesome about this Roadtrip is the people.

First and foremost it is about the most incredibly awesome person in my life, my BABE and she is a BABE. And yes a pastor can say that about his wife, she IS hot, okay!

Second, the people we're going to meet or spend time with along the way. Yesterday, Daryl and Sam Heinly (check out the twitpic post) rode with us and had lunch in Anza. They're a BIG part of The Crossing. They believe intensely that people matter to God and show in many, many ways. Thanks Sam and Daryl for being a part of our lives. We had dinner with a former staff member and church attenders who now live in Palm Desert, Larry and Dawn Kasper (check out the twitpic post). Larry is the US Director, hitting home runs with Enlace one of our Global Ministry partners in El Salvador. Dawn has a cool business painting pillows. She even did one for me, thank you Larry and Dawn.

Third, are the people who are housing us at our various stops. We sure appreciate it. When we walked into our place yesterday afternoon...waiting for us was a can filled with CHOCOLATE, yes...God's favorite food and the AC already running. Now that's hospitality! Thank you Martha.

Fourth, is YOU! The Crossing, you ROCK. I am so priviledged to be your pastor. I'm the luckiest guy around. This Roadtrip has already given me large amounts of time to pray for YOU! Thanks for being a part of our lives.

Today, when you encounter someone, smile at them. Pray for them. Say hi to them. Remember, each person matters to God!

Grateful for people...from the Road,


P.S. Check out Angela Pruitt, she loves numbers and she loves the mission of The Crossing. Thank you Melody for unselfishly serving at The Crossing and Denise it's so cool to see how God has changed your life.