Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A little tiff, LOUD volume

Well, it was just a matter of time….

Being together in tight Harley quarters, with constant headset togetherness eventually means the inevitable: a little tiff, a spat, and bit of extra volume through the earpieces.

The culprit: Route 66
The reason: The view of the road from your helmet

While Tim is driving, I enjoy taking pictures of the scenery, despite the speed of travel or road conditions. This requires me to constantly peek around his shoulder so I know what is coming that could be camera worthy. If all the conditions are right, and I judge the shutter speed accurately, I can get something in focus and centered!

I knew we were on Route 66, but did not know we were approaching the juncture of the Old Route and the New Route (sometimes my tour guide is a man of few words.)

I was enjoying the scenery in my full-face helmet from the left side of the vehicle, and after we turned a corner, our conversation went like this (adjust the volume accordingly):

Tim: “Did you get the picture?”
Sue: “What picture?”
Tim: “The picture of the two Routes together and the sign!”
Sue: “Where?”
Tim: “We just passed it on the right side!”
Sue: “Why didn’t you tell me it was coming up? Just turn around and go back.”
Tim: “Sue! We already passed it!”
Sue: “ You mean to tell me that we traveled half way across the country to see this, and you will not take one extra minute to turn around so I can get a picture of the two roads?!!”

After navigating a tight U-turn on a two-lane country road with gravel berms, we went back. I was poised with the camera on my left side, ready and focused to take the two roads, and the post with the street markers on top of each other. Tim stops suddenly in the road so I can take a picture, but it is not in the spot I am envisioning. There is a bit more volume on the earpieces. Finally, he gets the bike where I can get the shot I want, and then we are back to flying down the road.

Tim says again, “Did you get the picture of the two historical signs side by side?”
Sue: “What signs side by side?”
Tim: “Sue! I can’t believe you still didn’t get a picture of the signs! What are you doing back there?!”

This argument was bringing a whole new meaning to the words of the song, ”Get your kicks on Route 66!”

You see, the trouble was with the assumptions about which direction we were each looking – left side or right side. I never saw the historical markers because I was so focused on the side with the two roads.

On this trip, we are learning to talk about the road perspectives differently as we travel (with the volume down), and sometimes I can even get Tim to slow down or stop so I can get the right picture!

Sue Celek
Most awesome Harley companion
Incredible wife :-)

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