Friday, July 31, 2009

Nearing the finish line...not wanting to stop

What a day! Yesterday! Cody, Red Lodge, Montana...look it up on google maps...from Red Lodge to Yellowstone National Park is the Beartooth Mountain range and the Beartooth highway...pretty amazing stuff...

Then there was Yellowstone, tall lodge pole pines, BIG open ranges, buffalo, deer, pronghorn, sulfur springs, muddy lava stuff spewing and's called govt. stimulus package. But it took us nearly an HOUR to go 5 miles...and for our Harley it was like an OFF road experience, so we even did that yesterday.

Then we moved into the Teton National Park and more CONSTRUCTION...yours and my stimulus dollars at work, another HOUR to go 8 miles...but at least what you had to look at was awesome. I've never seen the Teton range and WOW...just rise up out of the earth and BIG, I mean, BIG!!!

It was a good day! Literally the best is a LONG road day...we're trying to get down to the Bryce Canyon/Zion National Park area, so we'll be putting about 550 miles on the bike today. We've heard great stuff about these two parks and like everything else on this trip, never been we'd like to spend some time in each park...

I'll let you know more over the next couple of days, just what it's like.

We feel really blessed, thanks for your prayers and for reading.


PS. Today's staff highlight is Lilly Moscoso. Lilly is the Creative Arts Coordinator who can't juggle 12 tasks at once!! She is on it!! Serving Hero Ryan Walton is part of The Crossing's Security Team. He helps provide a safe environment for all of us on the weekend. Thank you Ryan!! Read about Marty Whitecotton's life change story to see how God is working in his life!!