Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thoughts from Sue

We have been surprised over and over by unexpected kindness shown to us. There have been numerous gestures of friendship extended from surprising places.
  • Suggestions of beautiful rides

  • Unexpected help with a down bike (Tim says "don't ask")

  • Exclusive Harley parking in front of our hotel

  • Supplies for a motorcycle wash

  • Constant offers from strangers to take our photographs - every where from a national park to Dairy Queen to the side of the road

  • Locals stopping in the middle of a 4 lane highway so I could take a picture

  • A couple from California who now live in Kansas offered us their map (I like Dairy Queen!)

  • Strangers calling the Department of Transportation for us to check for alternate routes because of road closures due to accidents

  • A Gold Wing motorcyclist (Harleys & Gold Wings don't always get along) offering us a cold bottle of water from his refridgerated travel trailer (Tim now wants a Gold Wing)

We are enjoying the many people we are meeting along the way. Complete strangers who are initiating kindness to us.


PS. Please read about staff Sumie Oh because she shows kindness to everyone she meets with her gentle spirit. We are blessed to have Rod Carrido now serving our children through worship. Don't miss getting to know Rod on our website. And last, please read about Steve Cooper who because of God's kindness shown to him now shows that same kindness to others.