Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Flat, wheat, corn, sunflowers!

We put in 500+ miles yesterday!! A lot of people say that Kansas is boring. But Sue & I found it quite intriguing. In every town we saw multiple silos next to the railroad tracks. (A silo is a large structure used to store things like grain.) Quite possibly much of the grain, corn & wheat that we enjoy & eat comes from this state. So how would we Californians survive without small town silo America?

The other thing Kansas has a lot of is cattle. One of the challenging aspects to yesterday was riding behind a HUGE truck filled with manure. The smell was overwhelming. THANK GOD FOR PASSING LANES!!

Enjoy the video below recapping our ride yesterday.


PS. Make sure you take a few minutes to meet Steve Erdeman. Many of our staff are in front but Steve works very much behind the scenes and does an amazing job in all things audio here at The Crossing. Don't miss reading about Bernie Koch's life changing experiences. And a big cheer for Vince Allen who faithfully serves in the Creative Arts ministry.