Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tim on a Trampoline

I used to love going to one of my aunts homes, they had a trampoline. I would bounce and jump and do flips on that thing until the sunset. Well, guess what at 50, I've still got it in me, after riding today, I plan on bouncing, jumping, flipping a WHOLE bunch on this trampoline.

None of us can go back in time, but we can fully be in the present. I live so much of my life, looking into the future or longing for the past, I don't fully enjoy today. As a result my soul gets dry, barren and at times quite empty.

I'm praying for YOU today, please do yourself, God and those around you a favor and REJOICE in this day.

I'm off to Telluride, Co. Everyone we've bumped into says, "You GOT to see Telluride!" So we're going to see Telluride.

You have a good day!

From the road,