Sunday, July 5, 2009

We DID laundry, YEAH!

Sometimes it's the little things of life. We, each, only took one pair of jeans, a couple pair of t-shirts, a pair of boots and one other full outfit with shoes, with a set of work out clothes for me (Tim). Sue is always sweet smelling, but me, not so much. I don't mind washing my t-shirts and work out gear in the shower, but that gets old and besides we don't always have time to dry things out. So it's been nice to have access the past day to a washer and dryer! YEAH!

Plus, you'd think when you don't have all that much stuff, it'd be easy to pack each day. Everything has a very definitive place and when it's out of THAT place, bags don't fit where they're supposed to go. And when bags don't fit where they're supposed to go, I'm reminded again that patience is something that I have very LITTLE of...God's doing a work in me on this trip!

We're having a blast. Today is a our last day in the mountains for a while and we'll be crossing Monarch Pass and seeing Black Canyon. Fun times.

Thanks for your prayers,