Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yikes, they don't have these canisters in the...

Okay, this is probably TMI (Too much information) & I should probably chalk this up to age or lack of sleep, but at least now during the stupid icebreaker, I'll have something to share for that "embarassing" moment question.

This morning while sitting in a local Panera, I decided to take care of "business"...so I'm sitting there and I look to my right on the wall and think, "Ummmm, men's restrooms don't have these sorts of canisters..." I panic, I'm in the wrong PLACE!!!

And so I'm about to get up and RUN, when all of a sudden I hear the door to the bathroom open and I think, "NOOOOOOOO..." So I did what any man in a WOMAN'S bathroom would do, I lift my boot clad feet up (Not too many women I know, have size 11 Harley boots)...and wait it out...and then when whoever it was left, I was OUT OF THERE...and scurried across the hall to the proper place..."

When I finally came back to where Sue was sitting, I couldn't contain my chuckling...so I told her and she laughed...and now I'm telling you ALL...I hope you got a good laugh.

The stories are numerous from the road, this is just one...one very embarassing moment.

Today's ride takes us across the state of Michigan from Farmington, MI to Grand Haven to Ludington where we catch a ferry over to the shores of Wisconsin. I'll do my best to stay out of women's bathrooms from here on out...

Have a super day,


P.S. Janice Roque has been at this church almost as long as I have!! On staff, Janice is the KNOW Coordinator who keeps things running smoothly - and I mean a lot of things!! You will also want to take a minute and celebrate The Heineman's with us - Steve, Tina, Cody & Austin. Serving is a value in this family and we are thankful for the many areas they give themselves to. Mindy Wohlford has an amazing life change story - God continues to use and shape Mindy. Read all about these three incredible stories before you sign off!!