Thursday, July 9, 2009

You only live ONCE!!!

The trip has been about people. First and foremost for me, my wonderful bride, Sue and then those unexpected encounters of strangers talked to and with, as well as our those who have hosted us.

The past two nights were AWESOME. The McMahon clan in Kansas City, MO. What a blast to re-engage with one INCREDIBLE VISIONARY leader in Troy McMahon. He launched Restore Community Church just north of Kansas City, MO and he and his team are kickin some "butt" for Jesus (Is that okay to say?), locally and globally. If you move to Kansas City, you've got to go to Restore.

Last night we had the COOLEST treat to be reacquainted with Eric and Jen Briner and their kids. They were on staff at The Crossing for a number of years. Now they have have BIG TIME impact for Jesus on the campus of University of Missouri in Columbia, MO. We had the best time, talking and yacking. It's so fun to catch up with people, SO MUCH FUN!

Today, we had a God ordained interaction with a waitress at Bek's restaurant in Fulton, MO and she told us NOT to go the way we were going, but to go to Hermann, MO and have dessert at a place called, Time for Pie. So we did! WOE, the pies, cookies, coffee are OUT OF THIS WORLD. How do I know, I tried them ALL. You only live ONCE!

Hey I'm looking forward to being with you all at church this weekend. I'm kicking off a NEW series, Transformers. This series is SO important for our entire church. You've got to be there. DO NOT MISS this weekend or a weekend of this series.

Thanks for your prayers, see you this weekend at The Crossing,


PS. You will want to meet staff Chris Detken. Chris is our Video Director who works behind the scenes on all of the really cool videos you watch on the weekends. He is gifted and talented in all things video. Tivoli Hudson is today's serving hero from the Youth ministries. You will want to read about how she LOVES to serve and make an impact. And don't forget to read about the miracles happening in Jackie Davis' life. God is so good!!