Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stepping back in time!

We've definitely been experiencing small town America. Our aim has been to frequent only those places where the "locals" hang out, from food to grocery stores, to's been quite a sight.

Friday was one of our best in those terms. Our route took us onto Route 66 in Illinois. Route 66 was the way across our country in time long ago. However, with Interstates, Highways, Freeways, much, if not most of Route 66 is no longer around. And it's sort of sad...sure we get places faster, but at what price.

Before our trip I talked in church about losing our "souls" as people. Jesus said, "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit or lose his soul?" Interstates, highways and freeways seem devoid of soul...speed, yes, soul not so much.

Friday was a SUPER day for the soul. We hunted and searched for patches of the "old" road (Route 66). What we found were tiny little communities, little amazing diners, and an old, old, old road no longer traveled upon...and people, nice, authentic, genuine people...a kind 5oish adult child having lunch with his very elderly dad, a waitress, who had to have been around WAY back then...who stopped to "chat" and give us insights about the towns we'd seen and would see that day.

It was a good day! Yes, we moved at a pretty good pace, yet we stopped, paused and slowed long enough to smell and see and chat and experience what for us, Orange Countians, was a step back in time. It was a good thing.

Sue and I have thought long and hard that you don't have to take a trip such as this to have a day like we had...these sorts of days can be our everyday experience. Yet, it takes us being poised to see and then stop when necessary and chat or help or care or listen. We've thought about how many times we ignore the promptings of God, to the dismise of our own soul. I can only speak for me, but this trip is teaching me to be more "present" in the present. And that's a good thing...

Hope to see you or have seen you at church this weekend!


P.S. Today's line up of staff, serving heroes and life change stories rock the house, Mary Primavera, wow, what a neat God sighting and Pat Duhl giving great care to SO many, thank you Pat, then there is my friend and co-laborer for Jesus, Patrick Detken. Check them all out and enjoy!