Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Professional Football and The Crossing

This past weekend I attended an NFL game, San Diego Chargers against Philadelphia Eagles. I’m NOT a Chargers fan, I was there to root for the Eagles and Brent Celek (87), their tight end. Eagles should have won the game, but that’s another story. The day before I had the opportunity to witness first hand, USC get resoundingly WHIPPED by Stanford.

What struck me for both games is the NUMBER of people who get there early. Charger fans and Trojan fans were celebrating, partying, interacting and socializing. It was AMAZING! Sure the alcohol flowed freely, yet putting that aside, in both cases it was a “community” of fans having a great time. It was pretty cool.

I got to thinking what we have to celebrate each and EVERY weekend is something WAY better than any sports team. The camaraderie and the community and the celebration ought to be OVER THE TOP when we get together as Christians to focus on JESUS.

So this weekend get to The Crossing early; let’s party, let’s celebrate, let’s interact. It WILL be good, REALLY good. It’s okay to let loose, be full-on fans of our Savior.

This past weekend we knocked it out of the park at the School Makeovers that took place at Paularino, Sonora, Pomona, and Wilson elementary schools.

Finally, we have an opportunity to care for our community through Project Angel Tree. Sponsor a child this Christmas. This is a BIG deal for kids who don’t have all that much.

Okay, this weekend, don't miss it! I'm calling all FANS of Jesus Christ.

Tim Celek
Lead Pastor
The Crossing
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