Wednesday, November 25, 2009

There is A LOT right in this world!

What type of person are you?

Cup half full? Cup half empty?
Partly sunny? Partly cloudy?
Optimist? Pessimist?
Positive? Negative?
Content? Discontent?
Satisfied? Wanting more?
Tigger? Eeyore?

What type of person are you? Yeah, I know...most of you will say, “Well, it depends...” Sure it depends, however, if you find yourself traveling in the right column more times than you care to admit...take some time between now and Sunday and BE THANKFUL! Be thankful not just for one thing, but for TEN things. Write them down. Look at them and then thank God for your “Top Ten”.

Who knows, the exercise might EXCITE you so much you won’t stop at ten. God’s Word says, “Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say, rejoice!”
Sure there’s a ton wrong in this world, but over the next 5 days, spend some time in the “left column”, looking at the brighter side because there’s a TON for which to be thankful!!!

In the weeks ahead, I want to invite you to engage in some volunteering opportunities. There will be 7 opportunities at our Christmas services the week of Christmas Eve to serve with Children or our Guest Services ministry.

Also, we are again hosting our Lifelines’ Christmas dinner benefitting those in need within our community. These are opportunities to give back a bit of your time, usually no more than 90 minutes.

Finally, why don’t you “evite” someone to one of our Christmas services. Please click here. There’s nothing better than seeing “church” through the eyes of a guest. Plus, who knows, your guest just might cross the proverbial “line of faith” and give their heart to Jesus this Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

Happy Thanksgiving! Be grateful, I am sure am!!!

Tim Celek
Lead Pastor
The Crossing
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