Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Praying for our Partners

When I talk with our partners, they always emphasize prayer! In the underdeveloped world they know the power of prayer, many times it is their only option and they have learned it is the Best Option.

When they pray they pray with more faith than we in our world of plenty can only hope to muster up. They have seen God answer their prayers in miraculous ways. So they always ask me are we praying for them? Will we pray for them?

Please join me and our Impact Teams for each country in praying for our Partners.

This week please focus your prayer on India! I spoke with our partner this morning and he shared that we really need to pray for one of the boys in the orphanage named Andrew, who had to be rushed to the local hospital (which let me tell you is pretty simple) and that he is fighting for his life due to pneumonia.

The other children in the orphanage the ministry students in training and the community would all see God’s glory should he pull through, please join us in prayer.

Also for Christmas Albert and his family invite the community in for a “love feast” please pray that those who come, many of whom will be Hindu, will come to know the God of love who sent His son that first Christmas.

Pray also for the completion of Phase one of the ServLife Center, it should be done by March, so they can move onto their own land and begin to expand their ministry in the community. And finally please pray for the 13 church planters Albert, our partner is training, that God would help them learn all they need to be effective at planting new churches in places where there is no knowledge of God’s love.

Thanks for joining in the support of our partners, it means the world to them and does more than any of us really understand!

In His Strength,

Ian Stevenson
Pastor of GO Ministries