Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hands Up Verses Hand-Out

I traveled through the market in San Martin, El Salvador yesterday (think VERY dense swap meet). There are little business next to business, next to business. Many times each person is selling the same thing. I had the grand privilege of meeting some of the entrepreneurs who recently launched various “micro” businesses. What was cool was to see the sense of encouragement as we merely said, “Well done...” or “Atta girl/boy...”

These women and men are industrious and creative. However, they get taken advantage of by “loan sharks” who rip them off and charge 30% to 40% interest. Creditec, a loan agency, overseen by a group of Christians seeks to encourage and spur these men and women on in positives ways. I wish you could have seen the faces of these businessmen and business women as they described their businesses. The excitement of expansion is the same no matter the culture.

Today, I’ll be in Las Animas where the beginning stages of community development are taking place. I look forward to meeting Pastor Santiago. He will be a new friend. I’ll introduce him to you later today!

Thanks again for praying for my trip!