Thursday, February 11, 2010

Intentionality and Integration

Most of us, me included, when it comes to the poor and/or the developing world, it’s quite easy to throw money or resources at something or someone and hope that the problem is solved or resolved. However, what I’m learning is, that’s easy, ineffective and most often, a COLOSSAL waste of money and/or resources.

Quite possibly it relieves some of our guilty or removes a part of our shame, but rarely, if ever, is something sustainable achieved, dignity elevated. What I’m learning is substantive change takes time, involvement, and relationship and sincere, mutual partnership. We, cannot be the ones driving the bus. There are levels of intelligence, creativity, drive and determination in each “country.” Yet, it takes a unique partnership, it’s a “dance” with multiple partners.

Most importantly it STARTS with the local church. This is why I’ve spent time listening to the heart of Pastor Miguel, Pastor Santiago, Pastor Jose, Pastora Marta, and others. The church is the HOPE of the world. Thus it takes a church understanding its role and how it will partner with the community, thinking through the strategic use of local resources.

Join me, please be praying for the pastors listed above. These men and women are leading change in their communities. They are lifting up the Good News of Jesus, as they show and share the love of Jesus. These folks are treading new ground. In many cases, it stirs up trouble in their churches. These leaders are navigating through rough waters. They are breaking new ground. I PRAISE God for them.