Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Most impressed, part 2

God is doing something. Care is being provided. Lives are being changed. Watch the video of how two children's lives have been cared for AND then read one man's story of how gripped his heart to provide such care...his name is J. Michael Declues.

He is a part of The Crossing and The Crossing Uganda Impact Team. He accompanied me on this trip to Uganda. He wanted me to see that there is a difference being made in the lives of Double Orphans through Mosaic Vision.

My prayer is God will grip your heart and you'll want to do the same!!! See you this weekend at The Crossing as we begin a new series on the Our Father, the Lord's Prayer.


Tim Celek

Hello everyone, my name is J. Michael Declues and in 2007 I went on my first mission trip to Rukungiri, Uganda with seven other travelers from The Crossing. We were led and guided by Micah and Shannon Irvine of Mosaic Vision.

Their ministry was to support and show the love of Jesus to the most deprived orphans of the region. These were the double orphans or child-headed homes---children who had lost both parents and their close relatives to HIV AIDS.

We visited the dwellings of these children, and their conditions were so inhumane and deplorable, that I was filled with mixed emotions of brokenness, frustration and anger.

On the second day, we visited the home of Daniel and Dorcus. They were the first double orphans to be assisted by Mosaic Vision and the difference compared to the other children was astonishing. They were bright and hopeful about the future and their living conditions were decent and healthy.

Dorcus is positive for HIV and very shy and sweet. Daniel was exuberant and spoke of his love for Mosaic Vision and how they had rescued him and his sister from a sure death. His love and trust in Jesus reflected in his eyes and in his words.

When he discovered that I was an attorney, his smile got even brighter since that was his dream career goal. We had a meaningful discussion about the Law and the impact that good attorneys can have in uplifting Uganda.

I discovered that Daniel and Dorcus did not have sponsors, which is critical for maintaining their support for a decent home, healthcare, food and school fees.

There was no way I could live and permit these two wonderful children to ever deteriorate back to their former impoverished and hopeless lives. Sponsoring them was one of the best decisions of my life.

Being able to visit and interact with them for the last four years in Rukungiri is an immeasurable blessing. Our love and commitment to each other is for an eternity!

Thanks for reading,

J. Michael Declues