Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another Story from The Crossing...

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Here is another story we have received:

Scott says:

I've always noticed that in my life most of the people I meet that are
drawn to God have had a rough road that has driven them in that
direction. Which also seems true in the stories I've read on this web
site. Which may be the reason that I struggle somewhat with my faith
since my life has been pretty smooth sailing.

I was introduced to The Crossing via my girlfriend just under 2 years
ago and my first experience was the night that Tim received his Harley
Davidson. As I sat there taking all this activity in my emotions got
the best of me and I could no longer hold back the tightness in my
throat and the tears. I lost a grip on myself for almost 10 minutes.
To this day I can't explain why and there are many days now that when
I attend church I feel strong emotions that rise to the surface
without warning, with no certain thoughts in my head. It's as though
the weight of life is somehow being lifted off my shoulders for the
time being and it feels good. I leave the service feeling
revitalized and ready to handle the pressures of this world.

What I love about The Crossing is that all the pastors are very down
to earth. They call it like they see it and if there's something
wrong with the way fellow Christians are presenting themselves then
they put it on the table. They don't sugarcoat. And though I still
struggle with my faith I never feel unwelcome at The Crossing. It's
the one place I know where goodness surrounds me and helps me face
another day.

I've never taken part in evangelism on any level but recently I've
reached a point where I feel that the messages The Crossing has to
offer and their approach to getting the messages out needs to be heard
by others close to me. Starting with my 19 year old son who though we
sent him to a private Christian school has his own idea's regarding
faith. The Crossing is our "feel good" place and the more people that
I can make feel better by bringing them to the The Crossing the better.

The Crossing isn't just for the firm believers, but also for those of
us on another level. Any level. We ALL feel welcome here.