Thursday, October 9, 2008

Miracles by Kathleen

God entrusted us with $20.00 to start. We decided to give it to the Lynn House, an all womens' free 30-day detox on the north edge of Costa Mesa. Two men 15 years ago,dug deep into their own pockets to start this house and provide women coming from the street a place to go and start their road to recovery. One of them was my sponsor in recovery. He died last year quite suddenly. Before he died, he asked me to help take these women to meetings on Sunday and Monday nights. In doing so, we drove right passed The Crossing and I was able to tell them about our incredible church and the way God had been working miracles not only in my life, but in and through others as well. As I watched each of these women take 30 days clean and sober, they started coming to Lifelines on Fridays and then on the weekends as well. All of the women who came, accepted Jesus and have been Baptized!!! They still are regular attenders and some have found places to be of service. As other women complete their 30 days, they too become a part of The Crossing. I know that this is completely God working!!! I was able to ask the women who have been through the first 30 days for donations to provide funds for another woman to stay 30 days more. So far, 160 dollars has been raised. This will be an on-going project. I know God will provide more money than ever could be imagined. The second 30 days costs 160 dollars per week for the women to stay. And means the difference between life and death for them. The director of the house literally broke down in tears when receiving this money and said there was someone already praying for a Miracle living there. I said this was a gift from Jesus. And God walked through the door and answered that prayer. Just exactly at the right time…His time!!!! I can’t wait to see what other Miracles God will work in the Lynn House, but I know they will be BEYOND BELIEF!!!!!!!