Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Prayers of a Child by Keri

OK, I know this may not seem like much compared to the thousands I hear about being raised but you just have to know that in this process my son and I prayed daily for God to grow His money.  We prayed even when we thought no more would come in and then more would show up that day in the mail or someone would bring more to small group.  One day I was pretty sure no more would come in and when my son said he wanted to pray for more money I bit my tongue from telling him that we were finished, figuring that would be kind of wet blanket on his prayers.  That day another $40.00 showed up in our mailbox and in the next two days we received another $60.00!    So, all of a sudden it wasn't about how much but the prayers of a child and GOD'S POWER and will being done over the chatter in my brain.  I've learned such a valuable lesson in this and really want to thank my church leaders for giving us this opportunity to really see how God shows up in prayer.

Our money is going to the Interfaith Shelter in W. Costa Mesa for food primarily.  We found a grocer who'll match our money up to $250.00 in groceries (that's $500.00 in food!!!) and the rest will be given as gift cards to bless the individual families as they need. What a ride.  Wouldn't have missed it for anything :)

Keri & Conner Moore