Friday, July 17, 2009

4,000+ miles & the Art of People watching

Do you like people watching? I'll admit it, sometimes I enjoy it. I guess it's the curiosity in me, but we human beings are an interesting bunch. We're short, skinny, tall and lanky, pudgy, some have tons of hair and those like me, with little to no hair. Some folks have tattoos or piercings, yet others have kept the bodily canvas clean.

On the back roads of America, people's faces seem to tell more of a story, than those in Orange County, California, maybe we've just gotten good at covering "life" up. You can seem to visibly see, those who've struggled or are struggling, those who've worked hard and those who would like some work.

We've noticed in the out of the way places we've been through, more than a few younger to middle aged men sitting on porches or front steps. And over the past couple of days, we've seen a good number of women mowing their HUGE yards while riding on top of big tractor mowers.

We're driving through the parts of the country where adult drivers will wave at every passing car or cycle. And little boys and girls walking down the main streets of these little out of the way places, we'll jump up and down, excitedly waving as they hear the rumble of our cycle coming if we're the one only pony in a mythical parade.

I wish you could all ride a Motorcycle for a day, you would SEE so much more than in car (metal cage). Often times what you see is people, real people in real places.

We've been enjoying our riding the past couple of days, we traversed south out of Indianapolis, IN to Browne County through Hoosier National Forest, great winding, roller coaster like roads, the kind that puts a smile on your face. We've ridden the Great River road of the Ohio River from Cincinnati to the middle of the state and then went north bound toward Columbus, OH.

We've put over 4,000 miles on the bike this Roadtrip thus far, over 10,000+ miles now on the bike. We'll be adding to that today as we ride some of the best roads Ohio has to offer.

Have a super day...I'll see you this weekend at The Crossing,

Tim Celek

P.S. Today's staff highlight is Trent Maddox, our Creative Arts Music Pastor. Trent uses his creativity every weekend to bring us awesome music!! Hero, Pete Clayton, who is currently on a mission trip in Uganda, has a heart for serving - thank you Pete for how you use your gifts to give back, explanding God's kingdom. And, don't miss reading about how God has shaped and changed Jennifer Schroder's life. I am so thankful for Trent, Pete & Jennifer - you all ROCK!!