Monday, July 6, 2009

No joke...we saw a bear!!

In the beginning of our ride yesterday, we were in Black Canyon of the Gunnison national park. As soon as we went into the park, Sue screamed, "look a bear!!" And so like what most tourist do, I forgot it was a bear and started driving toward it!! And because I am uglier than a bear, the bear ran and it ran fast.

After seeing the bear, the day got so cool. Black Canyon of the Gunnison is a phenomenal national park. Words can't really describe it. After enjoying 6 to 7 stops at Black Canyon, we proceeded to head east on highway 50, went through a brief hail storm and then outside of Gunnison, CO we saw a sign that said "highway 50 pass closed to all traffic for 8 hours due to a multi-person injury accident." I was pretty frustrated because I wanted to see the two mountain passes we would cross. However, God had other plans. He turned a lemon into spectacular lemonade. As a result of the 80 mile detour, we went over 4 mountain passes and one awesome windy canyon road with a river running beside it. It was no doubt our best day of riding yet. We finally made it to Colorado Springs and spent the night with our wonderful hosts Terry & Carol Taylor (the parents of Terrilee Stevenson).

We headed out early this morning (Monday) for our longest day of the first two weeks. Please pray for our 480 miles from Colorado Springs to Wichita Kansas. We await what surprises God has in store for us in this day of the flat, corn, wheat, soy bean fields of Kansas.

PS. Don't forget to check out the people highlighted today. Thank you so much Ethen Thacher and all the awesome things you do at The Crossing - Acts of Kindness, Coffee Spot & more. Make sure you take time to meet our staff Debbie Collette. The Crossing would not run if it wasn't for Debbie!! And read Karen Barr's life change story to see how God is moving in her life.