Sunday, July 26, 2009

What a day...SUNDAY!!!

Our Sunday was incredible...Nebraska...route 20 has got to be the LONGEST road in America (I heard it is). If you're following on a map, we spent Saturday night in Oneill, NE making our way to Chadron, NE from there we turned right and headed north to the Black Hills of South Dakota.

What a flippin BLAST Sunday proved to be!!!

I enjoyed the prairie lands of Nebraska, but then going up route 87 through Wind Cave National park, AWESOME. We saw Pronghorn (I used to always think they were Antelope). We saw Bison, one actually was like 5 feet from the bike.

We then made our way onto Needles Highway through Custer State Park, down route 16 to 385 and to the Crazy Horse sight. What a sight Crazy Horse is, you can fit the entire Mount Rushmore (all 4 guys) in the HEAD of Crazy Horse. They've got a ways to go to finish it, it was definitely a WOW sight.

Today, we'll head into Mount Rushmore, then to Nemo Road to Sturgis to Spearfish Canyon and back for the night. The weather looks a bit ominous and forboding (So what!). Then again, we've not had hardly any weather on this trip and NONE that's really altered our plans, which has been pretty amazing when I stop to think about it.

Sue, took tons of pics yesterday. If we have time we'll post them today or tomorrow, check them out. The two that are my favorite are me yawning sitting on a rock (I'm not bored really, really I'm not) and me with the top case open on the computer out (not ever spare moment is on the web, really)

Well, gotta go...Mount Rushmore is calling. I hope you have a super week!


PS. Jorge Moscoso is our staff high light today. We have the cleanest church campus in all of Orange County because of how Jorge cares for The Crossing. Read all about him on our website. You can also read about Sharon Schureman and how she gives back to The Crossing. Sharon has served in just about every ministry we have!! Skip and Kim Mullins' share how God has worked in them since they came to The Crossing in all about their amazing stories before you sign off today!!