Monday, August 3, 2009

Little things make me "lane splitting"

We're back in California, I LOVE California, but it's the little things, like "lane splitting." It seems so logical to me. California is a bit more advanced than the "rest" of this country of ours, in some areas, that may not be all that good, if you know what I mean, but in the area of "lane splitting" I think it's very good.

I love "lane splitting." I wish other states we visited on this trip had it. I introduced it in some of those states. I can't remember everywhere this happened, Sue probably does, in fact, there's probably a mark on the back of my helmet where Sue whacked me upside the head for doing it!!!

"Lane splitting" is most appropriate on city streets, where one can anticipate the light as you move between cars, which means you never really have to stop...again this is a good thing...cause who wants to stop.

This is a particularly nice occurrence when you're in Barstow, Baker, Palm Desert or Indio and the temperature reads 110 degrees, which doesn't include the heat of the engine, the heat of the pavement, the heat inside the helmet, in this case stopping really #+%^#'s (you fill in the word). So "lane splitting" helps with the heat factor cause you keep moving...

Sometimes it's the little things in life that make somebody like me happy. I'm very glad to be back in So. Cal., we're not all the way home yet, but I'm glad to be back in a state that allows "lane splitting."

So here's to the advanced state of California!!! We have NO money in our state budget, but who cares when you have "lane splitting."

Soon to be in OC,